The amazing Avakas Gorge floating rock – Cyprus photography

Spectacular Cyprus photography at the Avakas Gorge floating rock.

As with most of our Cyprus photography, the approach did not fill us with confidence about creating spectacular images however once there it was a different story. Beautiful rocks, a quiet stream and wonderful Cyprus blue sky had us “ooh-ing” and “aah-ing” all afternoon.


Cyprus photography trip to the Avacos Gorge with floating rock

How to get there.

To find the gorge take the route out from Paphos about 16km at the start of the Akamas peninsula – it’s along the west coast and you’ll eventually pick up signs for Avakas Gorge. As you are approaching the steep drive down to the nature trail you will see a strange castle looking type building. This is a beautiful restaurant where you eat al fresco whilst being shaded by the vines. and overlooking spectacular surroundings hills and gorge. Great for a panoramic. Just remember to book beforehand. Their chips are amazing and gluten free!

The entrance to the nature trail to get Avakas Gorge is found just around the corner.

Ally photographing Avakas Gorge during Cyprus photography trip

Ally photographing Avakas Gorge


Cyprus photography trip to Avakas Gorge in Black and White

Avakas Gorge Black and White


It is a lovely walk in an area that is a nature and wildlife lover’s paradise. Wear good shoes and if you can, take a tripod. The gorge itself is at the end of the trail and at our relatively slow pace I reckon this took about 40 minutes. Of course we were stopping to take photos along the way.

Experiment, experiment, experiment.

The gorge itself is beautiful and depending on the light you can get some stunning images. We both spent a long time experimenting with images (as well as waiting for other tourists to walk past out of the shot).

So what if the rocks don’t have the spectacular golden glow you see in the photographs? Our before and after tutorial will show you how to augment the little you have in the post production process.


Avakas Gorge rock wall

Avakas Gorge rock wall


If there are a number of tourists a good trick is to put your camera on a tripod and take various shots of the same scene so that you can layer these images up in Photoshop and mask out the people on different layers until you have a people free image.


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