Table Mountain at Sunset, Cape Town

Table Mountain

Everybody ‘does’ Table Mountain. However, for one of the best experiences available in Cape Town, the sunset trip is second to none. As the sun went down, the clouds descended below and next to us onto the top of the mountain, cascading down the sheer cliffs whilst being highlighted by touches of sunset orange.

During our time there, a function was happening, so we were serenaded by a live band. We highly recommend the Amarula coffee, especially as it can get a bit cool up there when the sun goes down.

Ally on Table Mountain at Sunset

Ally on Table Mountain at Sunset


Photographing Sunsets
  • When photographing sunsets, double check your lens is clean as the bright sun will pick up any marks and cause flare.
  • If you have a sturdy tripod, this will help, or as we did, use rocks to balance – although the clouds move quite fast so try not to use too long exposures, as this will give blurry clouds.
  • If you have the Raw option on your camera this will help as the bright sun and clouds will cause your light meter to do cartwheels – see our blog post on “why your camera lies to you”. Alternatively, bracket to ensure you’re getting a good range of detail in the shadows and highlights (also covered in that blog post).



On Table Mountain, you may also get to meet some of the locals, such as the dassies (pronounced dussies). A cross between a large squirrel and rat they’re quite friendly (but don’t touch or feed them).

Table Mountain Dassie


We could have spent hours photographing there, in our elements with the sunset, clouds and views. Totally breath-taking.

Table Mountain Sunset

Sunset over Table Mountain


Table Mountain Sunset

Sunset over Table Mountain showing the “Tablecloth” clouds



You can walk up (and down) Table Mountain, (only recommended for the fit and only in daylight) but there is also the cable car. Either way you pay to go in – check the website for prices for entry, cable car and tips on hiking.


Table Mountain Cable Car

Table Mountain Cable Car showing the city and Lions Head and Signal Hill


Whilst in Cape Town, if you like coffee, a trip to the best coffee shop in the world, Truth Coffee is a must. And, Robben Island and Nelson Mandela’s Cell is a very thought-provoking and moving trip to be taken.

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