Woodstock Market – The Coolest Market in Cape Town

Woodstock Market – Cape Town, South Africa.

On the surface, this doesn’t sound terribly interesting but Woodstock Market in Cape Town, South Africa really is one of the coolest markets. It is also one of the most exciting places for the two f’s – foodies and ‘fotographers’! … oh and music lovers! It runs every Saturday from early until 3 pm. (On the website for the Woodstock Market is listed as the “Neighbourgoods Market“).


All in one place at the Old Biscuit Mill in the heart of Woodstock, this is where crafts of varying genres come together. Woodstock is a hub of creative industries. These are slowly gentrifying from the slightly scary place it was in the past, to a potentially haves and have-nots future.


Woodstock Market, food hall

Woodstock Market – Ally sampling food and drink in the food hall


How to find it

Turn off the Salt River road onto the R102 and you can’t fail to be accosted by a number of ‘Car Guards’ helping to find you a parking space. (We’ll be doing a post on Car Guards and other S African phenomena soon!)  There are internal shops that are there 6 days a week, but the Woodstock market is just Saturdays. Music-wise we witnessed a fab guy on a didgeridoo who also played some keyboards at the same time, and another guy who we believe is there every week, playing solo saxophone.


Sax player, Woodstock Market

Sax player at Woodstock Market


Food Heaven

There’s a food section which is Heaven for foodies who can eat until their heart’s content with an array of different foods, much of which is cooked in front of you. There are those that cater for food issues – the brownies for the gluten free brigade are ‘to-die-for’!


Woodstock Market, Paella

Woodstock Market – Paella


Again there are stalls with food from all over the world. Around the corner from the food section is another area with mostly clothing and leather goods. It can be a little dark in the food hall, so check out our post on photographing in low light.


When you go to Woodstock market, don’t forget to go up to the top floor to get a view of the market with Table mountain in the background – see our gallery for our images of Table Mountain  and to photograph it differently to usual check out our Table Mountain at sunset post. A trip to Cape Town (and if you’re a coffee and food lover) wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the best coffee shop in the world, as well as Robben Island to remind you of South Africa’s history.

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